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Certified High
Performance Coaching

Certified High Performance Coaching

Program outline and Objectives

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The world's most advanced coaching curriculum that utilises a proven results-orientated, science-backed process leading to deep transformational change. Find out everything you need to know about the coaching program outcomes and objectives.


During the first 6 sessions of the Core Sessions curriculum, we will explore the topic of High Performance and you will learn the tools, strategies and habits you need for rapid transformation. These sessions are the core of High Performance and are the building blocks you'll need to sustain your success over the long term, while maintaining your health and positive relationships. 

The Foundational Concepts


We'll explore your current levels of focus, control and habits in the major arenas of your life and make plans to ensure your focus is directed to the most important areas.



I'll assist you in gaining immediate, behaviour-driven clarity and intentionality to be the best version of yourself in all situations.



We'll understand how much energy you have each day and help you gain immediate improvements in the energy you feel and generate each day. 



We'll discuss how confident and courageous you feel you are in life and assist you in gaining confidence, decisiveness and momentum. 



I'll assist you in being immediately more effective and productive each and every day so that you can make real progress towards the things that matter to you.



We'll explore how influential you've felt in your relationships and career, and give you a few tools and concepts that will raise your level of action and influence. 


Now that we've laid the foundation for your success, we will start going deeper into the pillars of High Performance. For the next 6 sessions of the Core Sessions curriculum, I will help you accelerate your growth so that you can master every area of your life. 

The Mastery Concepts

core sessions

psychology mastery

We'll explore your psychology and discuss powerful strategies that will support you to develop a free, consciously-directed and positively engaged mind. 


physiology mastery

I'll assist you in optimising your energy as you deepen your understanding of your physiology and how to engage it in a way that makes you feel stronger and more vibrant.


productivity mastery

We'll explore where non-essential distractions are impacting your productivity so that you can prioritise the needle-moving activities that will help you achieve your life's work. 


persuasion mastery

We'll discuss the specific access points of persuasion mastery and give you a powerful framework that you can immediately put to use as you plan for any situation where persuasion is critical in achieving the best outcome.


purpose mastery

I'll assist you in understanding how to find true meaning and fulfillment by helping you define your purpose statement so that you can live and lead with purpose. 


commitment to high performance

We'll review your progress and make commitments for change so that you maintain your forward momentum and experience of High Performance living. 


Core Sessions

High Performance Essentials

A Charged Life is a consciously designed existence that feels evenly engaged, energized and enthusiastic. During the first 6 sessions of the Charge Sessions curriculum, we will introduce the Human Drives framework and explore the core drives that contribute to your stability in your sense of self and social belonging. These are the Baseline Human Drives.

Charge Sessions

Baseline Human Drives


This will be an introduction to the Human Drives framework and we'll discover where you may be feeling, caged, comfortable or fully charged and alive.



We'll discuss the importance of Control in High Performance and how feeling out of control, or controlling the wrong things, can lead you to feeling uncertain, disappointed or unfulfilled. 



Competence is our knowledge, skill and ability in any area of life. We'll discuss the importance of Competence in High Performance and how you can engage this human drive to feel more confident. 



We feel congruent when we are consistently living in alignment and integrity with our beliefs and values. We'll discover how living out of integrity with who we want to be makes us feel out of sorts and, at extremes, depressed.



Caring is important for our ability to feel psychologically safe and accepted. We'll discuss the different ways of engaging with our human drive for Caring and how it impacts our happiness, gratitude and giving. 



Connection in High Performance relates to how well we connect with our mission, ourselves and others, and with the moment. In this session we'll focus on the relationship angle. 


Now that we've laid the foundation for feeling more secure and socially connected, we will move on to the Forward Human Drives. These are higher order drives that often move the needle the most in raising your levels of happiness in life. 

Forward Human Drives


Change is about how we adapt, grow and actualize our best selves, but sometimes change can be hard. We'll explore how you can engage your drive for Change and apply it in the most useful areas in your life.



Challenge is an important part of High Performance and central to everything we do - to always be willing to push ourselves to our highest level of growth and contributions. We'll discover how you can engage more of your drive for Challenge.



Creative Expression is about how you share your unique identity with the world. We'll explore how you can engage your drive for Creative Expression by voicing your ideas and leaving your authentic mark on the world. 



Contribution is one of the great drives in our life. It makes us look outside of ourselves and find meaning in what we do. We'll discover how you engage with this drive to feel like you are making a difference and serving a purpose beyond your needs. 



Seeking a heightened level of consciousness or awareness of ourselves, surroundings and spirit is one of the great marks of the human species. We'll explore how awake and in touch you are with your senses and surroundings. 



We'll revisit your Human Drives assessment and celebrate your progress. We'll review what areas you can be focusing on moving forward so that you maintain your forward momentum and experience of High Performance living. 


The Human Drives

The main motivation of humankind is to be free, to express ourselves and to pursue our dreams without restriction—to experience what may be called Personal Freedom. The Declaration Sessions are focused on authentic living. During the first 3 sessions of the Declaration Sessions curriculum, we will explore what Personal Freedom means to you, and how you can move beyond the fear of self, comparison and obligation so that you can activate sustained motivation towards claiming your Personal Power. 

Declaration Sessions

Personal Freedom

personal freedom

We’ll explore what Personal Freedom means to you at this point in your life and how to feel even more free and happy in the present moment. This will help you to begin shaping an even more ideal future vision for yourself. 



Building on our conversation of what the ideal future would look like for you, we’ll specifically address any fears you might have about pursuing your goals as boldly as you are capable of.


Sustained motivation

We’ll discover what would make you feel even more motivated, and we will talk about the ambitions and the habits you have for sustaining motivation over the long haul. This will support you to get even more bold and tactical in this area, especially as big goals come up. 


Presence and Power

To help you become more mindful in life we will check in on your presence – your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual awareness – and see how engaged and empowered you feel in the major roles of life. 


Reclaim your agenda

I’ll help you identify what you want your life agenda to really be about, and to discover where you might be able to live even more purposefully. Because staying true to yourself and your own path or mission is a mark of greatness and of Personal Freedom. 



Defiance is that internal resistance that we feel sabotages our ability to grow or connect. We’ll explore where doubt or delay might be showing up in your life that may prevent you from doing what you know you should do. 


Now that we've explored what Personal Freedom means to you, we will move on to the 9 Declarations to Personal Power. For the next 9 sessions, I will help you break free from the restrictions you’ve placed upon yourself and those placed upon you by others so that you can become fully alive and claim your Personal Power. 

Personal Declarations

Advance with Abandon

We’ll explore ways that you might be able to advance more boldly or consistently towards your dreams. We’ll also talk about how you can finish the important projects you’re working on more quickly and without hesitation. 


Joy and gratitude

I’ll help you really think about how you can bring even more positive emotion and experiences into your life. The world’s highest performers report that joy, along with full engagement and confidence, is one of the defining states of High Performance. 



We’ll check in to see how congruent you feel and where you feel you are compromising or rising up. Integrity is about having intention and commitment for who we wish to be, how we want to treat others and what we wish to give—it’s about living our truth and being our most truthful and consistent selves. 



Love is about living from your heart and building deep positive relationships. We’ll explore ways to connect to and express your heart, and how to show up for those you love most. 


Inspire greatness

We’ll discover what greatness means to you, and how you could inspire others to live a life of greatness as well. The world’s highest performers seek to hold high standards for themselves and others. 


Slow time

Slowing time is about developing a greater awareness of your senses and environment and to zoom into the moments that matter. We’ll explore where you can become more mindful and appreciative of the simple moments in life and to help you find more of that joy and Personal Freedom that makes all the work so worth it. 


Personal Freedom

Leadership Sessions

Leadership Sessions

Coming Soon

"Beginning today, set an intention and a relentless focus on living your life as the greatest person you can be in all situations. Demand that you demonstrate a strength of character in such a way that you find pride in who you are, and that others see you as a role model".

- Brendon Burchard

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