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Frequently Asked Questions

What does High Performance mean?

High Performance is defined by the High Performance Institute as succeeding beyond standards norms consistently over the long term while maintaining positive well-being and relationships. That means that as your Certified High Performance Coach I will coach you to go further than you have gone before—beyond the norm of your typical results and life experience—and then help you continuously grow and succeed. High performance is not about getting ahead at all costs. It's about forming habits that both excel in and enrich the full spectrum of your life.

What is High Performance Living?

It is the on-going feeling of full engagement, joy and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self. That means you are feeling less stressed, less overwhelmed, and less uncertain about life. Instead, you are able to experience greater abundance and feel more vibrant, connected and fulfilled as you approach life with full presence and power.

Why hire a Coach?

If you're anything like me, you LOVE to grow through books, courses, and events. And while self-learning can offer an opportunity for growth, it often does not lead to deep transformational change. That's where one-on-one coaching can help because it is 100% relevant to YOU. Coaching will accelerate your growth, and it will lift you to a higher level of consciousness that will boost your confidence, engagement, and decision-making abilities.

What makes Certified High Performance Coaching different?

Certified High Performance Coaching is the world's most advanced coaching program. It follows a science-based and research-backed curriculum that is focused on clearly defined outcomes that provide the structure to help you move towards high performance in every area of your life. Sessions are filled with thought-provoking questions that lead to more breakthroughs and powerful personal transformations, and will challenge you to move beyond your comfort zones.

Is it Life Coaching?

Not exactly. Traditional "life coaching" is client-driven and focuses on status check-ins and accountability rather than outcomes. Sessions are typically very similar and unfortunately this becomes repetitive for clients (and very boring for high achievers). Certified High Performance Coaching is completely different. The outcomes of each session are clear and extend beyond any goal that you might be working towards as it focuses on helping you reach higher performance in all areas of your life. This gives you as the client the confidence of knowing what you are working towards. 

What do Certified High Performance Coaches actually do?

Certified High Performance Coaches help clients reach high performance in six main areas of life—Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, People, Purpose and Presence. This is an important distinction. My approach is a holistic one—far more encompassing than just helping you reach one specific goal like an accountability coach might. 

Where's the data?

Glad you asked! The High Performance Institute conducted the world's largest and most comprehensive high performance study in which they measured the habits that predict success over the long-term. Data from over 1.6 million high performance clients and online personal development students in 195 countries were collected and analysed. Data was also collected from semi-structured interviews with hundreds of elite performers at the top of their field in business, entertainment, athletics, and other domains. Additionally, thousands of articles from the scientific literature on high performance from the last 70 years were consulted. Read the full research study here.

What are the High Performance Habits?

The High Performance Institute's extensive research study led to the identification of six habits that, when practiced deliberately, help you to reach high performance in any field or endeavour. These are: seeking clarity, generating energy, raising necessity, increasing productivity, developing influence, and demonstrating courage. Each of these habits was found to be learnable and deployable across multiple contexts of life and career with a similar result: the achievement of long-term success while maintaining well-being and positive relationships. These habits form the core of the High Performance Coaching Program.

How will my Coaching Sessions be conducted?

Coaching sessions are conducted over a 12-week period where we will meet one-on-one on the phone every week for 60-minutes. I'll guide you through an incredible set of questions to help you discover more about your life, make the decisions you need to, and stay committed and focused on improving your life.

What can I expect from High Performance Coaching?

Over the course of 12 weeks, we will explore the different ways that will help you move towards higher performance in every area of your life. We will start off by exploring the topic of High Performance and you will learn the tools, strategies, and habits you need for rapid transformation. During the first 6 sessions, we will focus on the habits of High Performance: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence. We will then start going deeper into the six main areas of life, what we call the Pillars of High Performance: Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, People, Purpose and Presence. Mastering these pillars will lead to deep fulfilment, vibrant well-being and abundant long-term success.

After each session, you will receive a worksheet that will help you take the concepts you learned to a deeper level and will provide you with frameworks and tools that you can put to use immediately.

Check out the Core Sessions Program here

Will I see results?

Absolutely! The High Performance Institute continue to collect and measure customer satisfaction ratings. Across 100,000 sessions (and counting!), Certified High Performance Coaching clients have reported a customer satisfaction rating of 9.7 out of 10, the highest-known satisfaction in the coaching industry. That's pretty awesome, right?!

What happens after I complete the Core Sessions?

The Core Sessions serve as the foundation of Certified High Performance Coaching and this is where your coaching journey will begin. Upon completion of the Core Sessions, you will have the opportunity to continue your momentum and mastery by enrolling for another 12 weeks to explore the Charge Sessions. These are followed by the Declaration Sessions and finally the Leadership Sessions—each consisting of 12 one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Check out the curriculums to all the sessions here

Is High Performance Coaching only for C-Suite Executives and High Achievers?

No. While High Performance Coaching is a very successful tool for those in the corporate world, these habits have transformed the effectiveness of people from all walks of life—from Fortune 50 CEOs to entertainers, from Olympians to everyday parents, from world-class experts to high school students. This program is designed to be universally beneficial for anyone.

How will I know if coaching is for me?

It's quite simple. You are ready for change, you are deeply committed to your personal development and you want a proven path to propel you forward and achieve your goals faster. If this sounds like you and you are ready to invest in yourself, then coaching is right for you! 

To begin, and to see if you qualify, get in touch with me here to book your free Strategy Session.

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